Welcome to LoveEurope2025

LoveEurope2025 is a prayer movement started to proclaim Lord's love for the nations
and to bring His blessings among the people.

Repentance & Confession on behalf of the nation

"God we have sinned terribly by not obeying the commands, decrees & regulations that you gave us through your servant Moses" Nehemiah 1: 7

Father in Jesus name on behalf of our nation, we repent & confess

  • For the sins committed by the past rulers, kings, queens and leaders in the history of our nation
  • For every past & present treason committed by kings, queens, rulers, national & sate political leaders
  • For every act that was not right in sight of God
  • For every sin of immorality & fornication
  • For every sin of abortion & oppression
  • For every sin of injustice & corruption
  • For every sin of lack of governance
  • For every sin of pride & greed for wealth & power
  • For every sin of witchcraft, sorcery & idolatry
  • For every sin of callousness against environment
  • For every sin of Rebellion against God, Law & Conscience

Repentance & Confession on behalf of the body of Christ

For Believers, Pastors, Evangelists Apostles, Prophets, Bishops & Worship Leaders. 2 Chronicles 7:14

"Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land".

Father in Jesus name, we repent and confess on behalf of the Body of Christ (Church Believers, leaders, preachers, pastors & all ministers of God)

  • For not walking in obedience to your Word
  • For Prayerlessness, Spiritual lethargyness and irresponsibility in caring & providing for their God given family.
  • For disunity in the family & home, local churches and the body of Christ
  • For abuse of the anointing & the authority of the Holy Spirit
  • For abuse of innocent people & available resources
  • For accusing others, ungratefulness & pride
  • For spitefulness & jealousy against servants of God & their ministries
  • For speaking idle words
  • For unbelief, fear, lack of faith & false doctrines
  • For lack of love, un-forgiveness, marital unfaithfulness, money mindedness, celebrity focus & compromise to sinful living
  • For lack of vision, knowledge & passion to proclaim gospel
  • For TV & Media ministries which are self centered & don't use the Media to share the Gospel effectively but engaging in criticizing fellow believers & others.
  • For the focus on the establishment of personal kingdom rather than God's kingdom

Declaration Prayer over Europe

"Work for the peace & prosperity of the nation" Jeremiah 29: 7

Father in Jesus name, we pray for you to release over our Nation,

  • A blessing upon our Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, State Governors, Police Officials, Immigration Authorities & other officers
  • Your Divine wisdom, knowledge & understanding upon all of them to lead the Nation in Your Righteousness
  • Peace & harmony among all communities, with all neighbouring countries and assistance in their hour of need
  • Your favour for development in Health Care, Education, Employment & Self-sufficiency
  • Your Holy Spirit to move in the lives of all the people in our nation and in the neighbouring countries
  • Your wisdom in setting the best standards in Health Education and Health Care for its citizens
  • Your creativity to develop the best Ecosystem in the world, in balance with nature, industrial & tourism development
  • Your inventiveness to do away with woman & child trafficking & exploitation
  • The restoration & revival of the spirit of this nation by being led in Your Way & in Your teachings
  • Your Righteousness, Peace & Joy
  • Good monsoon & bountiful agricultural produce
  • Your divine protection from natural calamities such as floods, tsunami, earthquake, forest fire etc.,
  • Your fortification against terrorist attack and the safety of precious life
  • Your insight to uproot the seed of terrorism, jihad and all the teachings of evil in this nation
  • Your wisdom & resourcefulness in crushing the challenges of terrorism and anti-social & anti-national movements
  • Your understanding to do away with harmful, fatal addictions & practices such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs & substance abuse particularly among the youth
  • Your Supernatural power to uproot all the demonic works of evil, witchcraft & all spirits of deception
  • Social and spiritual transformation
  • Honest & uncorrupted growth & development in the world
  • Your wisdom in business ethics and lead with best business practices in the world
  • A Media that is truthful, reasonable, & accountable without any prejudice
  • Your righteousness to be a way of life for every citizen

Declaration & Proclamation Prayer over Europe

"Our tongue has the power to release life" Proverbs 18: 21

Father we declare & proclaim in Jesus name our Nation,

  • A Nation of God's righteousness, Peace & Blessing.
  • A model nation to the world in education, employment & overall development
  • A model nation for morality
  • A model nation for justice, peace & harmony
  • A model nation for cleanliness, hygiene & overall health
  • A model nation for good governance & women empowerment
  • A model nation that is free of sex trafficking, prostitution, drugs, bars, casinos and substance abuse
  • A model nation in diffusing the challenges of terrorism, anti-social & anti-national movements
  • A Nations for God's glory

Daily Prayer

Personal Altar

LoveEurope2025 Prayer Movement

  • Exalt and Praise God (at least 15 minutes)
  • Repent from your own sins & get right with GOD first
  • Release the offences that you carry against anyone and Forgive them
  • Fast & Pray at least once a Week

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